Voltage Processor

High precision eurorack voltage processor, crossfader, mixer, bipolar VCA, and ring modulator inspired by the 257. The circuit has been completely redesigned with SSI2614 ICs to allow for clean audio processing and accurate CV handling.


  • Two independent channels, each mixing an attenuverter, a voltage-controlled crossfader and an offset voltage (0–5V).
  • S-curve attenuverters for easier nulling.
  • The ”ring” switches turn the crossfaders into ring modulators / bipolar VCAs.
    • Normalises an inverted copy of the inputs into each other,
      which allows the crossfader to be used as a second attenuverter, a bipolar VCA or a ring modulator with adjustable bias without any additonal patching.
  • LEDs indicating negative/positive voltage.
  • Can be trimmed precisely for 1 V/oct signals.
  • 11 HP, suitable for skiffs.

Voltage Processor


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