The Bananskolen Hypjolin

The Hypjolin is a cross-modulating ultra-chaos generator device which combines Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin and Ian Fritz’s Hypster circuits. 

By merging the Benjolin’s stepped chaos with the Hypster’s smooth, fluctuating chaos, the Hypjolin produces remarkably unpredictable, yet controllable sonic outcomes.  

The integration of these two systems is facilitated through a banana jack patchbay, with blue banana jacks representing Benjolin outputs and purple ones denoting Hypster outputs. The black jacks serve as inputs. The patch bay is spaced for use with shorting bars.

Built in an edition of 10, it was commissioned and supported by Goodiepal & the Bananskolen.

The Bananskolen version comes with panel legends written in the Toki pona language for maximum chaos & confusion.